This double album will take you on a wonderful musical journey with yourself.  The perfect mashup of lyrics and music to help you reflect and find yourself.  Whether your having a great day or a horrible one, this work of art has something for you to resonate to.
Guardians of the Earth Album
(4th Dimension Media)
Guardians of the Earth is an album written and recorded by Eternal Love with features from many amazing artists from across the globe.  Thought provoking lyrics fused with the sounds of Hip Hop and Hip Hop/Reggae infusions, this album will surely be an all time favourite in your collection.
(4th Dimension Media)
The first mixtape by Eternal Love.  Storytelling at its best. The album is littered with all types of stories that will make you laugh and cry from both sadness and/or happiness at the same time.
Get Moving
(4th Dimension Media)
Workout Music by Eternal Love. The Track "Get Moving" was inspired by Eternal Loves own journey with weight loss and fitness.  Speaking on how he has changed his mindset and habits to grow into and become the person he wants to be.